Thursday, November 8, 2012


NAME: Sara Jean McCarthy

OCCUPATION: Actor/Massage Therapist

WHERE DID YOU GROW UP?  International Falls, Minnesota - on the Canadian border, yah sure, eh...

ANY NICKNAMES WE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT?  S-Mac, SJ, Mac (my dad called me Pumpkin Seed growing up :))

WHAT MEAL REMINDS YOU OF YOUR CHILDHOOD?  Tuna Hot Dish, Goulash, Huevos Rancheros (my dad would make this every time we went camping), Bisquick Biscuits, Walleye Pike, Fondue

WHAT'S THE ONE THING YOU MAKE THAT PEOPLE CONTINUALLY COMPLIMENT YOU ON?  The butternut squash soup I make at Thanksgiving is always raved about. I also make a pretty luscious PBR Veggie Chili. In fact, soups in general are rather my speciality. One day, I will have my own soup wagon. #pipedreams

FAVORITE COCKTAIL/WINE?  Bubbly rose, Loire Valley Savignon Blanc, Jameson on the rocks, Ketel One martini with a twist

BEST MEAL YOU HAD WHILE TRAVELING?  I broke my 15 years of vegetarianism with a street food sausage. Yup. My friend Mechelle and I were in Switzerland on the German/French border and one day, after hiking in the Alps, we wandered the streets of the mountain village. We passed by countless seasoned German men selling sausages fresh off the grill with a piece of rye bread and a dollop of mustard. I...well, I could not resist. I inhaled my first non-fish animal product in years and years and happily hopped on my 8 hour train ride back to Amsterdam. (where I also ate some incredible smoked salmon toasties at the local brown cafe on the Amstel River). I am now a porkatarian and will never go back.

FAVORITE PIZZA TOPPINGS? Wild Mushrooms, Swiss Chard, Poblano Peppers, Brussels Sprouts

NIGIRI OR SASHIMI?  Either/both/all of the above - give me some super fresh raw fish in any shape and i will shove it in my mouth...

DEATH ROW/RAPTURE MEAL?  Laurent Perrier Brut Rose, Cheese plate with persian feta, burrata, smoked gouda and drunken goat, Something (Anything) with Scallops, Wild Mushrooms & Truffle Oil, Kale salad with avacado dressing (or perhaps ceasar dressing) yellow cake with chocolate frosting, AND this crazy pie from Bang Bang Pie Shop that is some sort of dark chocolate, salted caramel, rosemary crazyness...OH and tons of San Pellegrino...

WHO WOULD YOU PICK TO BE IN YOUR CELEBRITY HOT TUB? Ben Nichols (Lucero), Justin Timberlake, Joel McHale, Ani Difranco, Caitlin Moran, AAAAANNND (last minute write-in due to current Dr. Who obsession) David Tennant

IF YOU WERE AN HERB/SPICE, WHAT KIND WOULD YOU BE?  Fresh Sage or Rosemary - unmistakable and yet usable in many ways...ORRRRR this crazy new smoked spice from the Trader Joe's...ORRRR cinnamon - i just like me some cinnamon...


ANYTHING ELSE? I'm a foodie by upbringing, passion and curiosity. My folks always took us out to eat. A LOT. (even though we lived in a tiny rural isolated town - we still ate lobster dipped in butter and flaming Greek cheese) And they also cooked a ton. We learned the joy of sharing cooking duties and clean up duties and new restaurants and nourishment. I also was lucky enough to share my very first apartment with women who appreciated a shared meal and home-cooking as much as I. And then I have years of valuable restaurant employment where I learned more than i could ever take from classes about unique seasonal ingredients and fine wine. I am honored to have had such a history of food as community building. I am always ready for more YUM!

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this interview with the famous (infamous/notorious/celebrated) Sara Jean Mac!! So wonderful!