Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ms. Vanessa - She will cook you something really naughty - like honey glazed cayenne bacon - then Pilates your ass!

NAME:  Vanessa

OCCUPATION: Actor, Pilates and Gyrotonic® instructor

WHERE DID YOU GROW UP?  First 12 years on an organic farm in rural Oregon; then in Eugene, Oregon till college (Chicago)

ANY NICKNAMES WE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT? Ness, Nessa (family and friends call me that), VG, Judy, Banessa

WHAT MEAL REMINDS YOU OF YOUR CHILDHOOD? red sauce with spaghetti noodles-my mom would make this crammed full of veggies from the garden,zucchini, chard, carrots, mushrooms, sometimes with ground beef or turkey, sometimes not....we gobbled it because it was basically spaghetti and red sauce with Parmesan on top, delicious. One of the first meals I learned to cook on my own, I still think of her and my family and how much we loved it when I make it and cram veggies into it (clean out the produce drawer). Total comfort food for me.

WHAT'S THE ONE THING YOU MAKE THAT PEOPLE CONTINUALLY COMPLIMENT YOU ON?  Most continuously (I've fed the most people with) is my "bean feed" (really, it's turkey burritos, but Paul calls it The Bean Feed) : big pot of black beans with tons of cumin and jalapenos, lean ground turkey with onions, peppers spices, romaine and red onion and avocados and limes to complement, tortillas and/or chips to scoop it up....I love to serve this and people love to eat it because it's delicious, nutritionally sound and satisfying.

FAVORITE COCKTAIL/WINE?  I love martinis (but not the sweet ones). Dry belvedere vodka martini with an olive or Hendrick's gin martini with a twist. Wine depends on what I'm eating, but I am am partial to dry sparkly whites and big jammy Cabs.

BEST MEAL WHILE TRAVELING? Greece: crazy deep tomato sauce with cloves and nutmeg (I think) on fresh pasta, delicate most freshest grilled calamari (this was on an island, Spetses I think?) and that ubiquitous but and addictive Greek salad of cucumber, feta, tomato and olives. Bread, Retsina (which is only good there)

NIGIRI OR SASHIMI?  Nigiri, cause I like a lotta texture in my mouth (that's right, you heard me...) UNLESS I'm somewhere I know the fish is excellent...then bring on the sashimi (wasabl with all)

DEATH ROW/RAPTURE MEAL? Hmm. Vodka martini, dry with an olive, smoked salmon with capers and red onion, fresh pasta with olive oil, garlic, red pepper and Parmesan, peppercorn crusted filet, raw kale salad with bleu cheese and balsalmic. Dude. Might have to make that tomorrow.

WHO WOULD YOU PICK TO BE IN YOUR CELEBRITY HOT TUB?  Leonard Cohen, Dean Martin, Hugh Laurie, Judy Dench, Meryl Streep


WHAT'S THE MOST FAVORITE THING YOU LOVE ABOUT YOUR PARTNER?  He can have a good time anywhere (and reminds me that I can too when I forget).

ANYTHING ELSE? (...tumbleweeds...)


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