Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The original HOTDISH...Ms. Jackie!

NAME: Jackie

OCCUPATION:  Ha ha ha ha! Which one? Mommy, Photog, Choir Director, Voice Teacher, Stella & Dot Stylist, Trophy Wife

WHERE DID YOU GROW UP?  New Richmond, WI...just across the border from Minneapolis/St. Paul

Any nicknames we should know about? Jack, Jackson, Jake, SasperJo, Sasp, Jay, JJ, Momma

WHAT MEAL REMINDS YOU OF CHILDHOOD?  Thanksgiving dinner, especially stuffing. Tuna macaroni salad. (Has to have pasta rings and peas). Swedish meatballs. Green bean casserole. Creamed corn. Potato pancakes. Grilled Cheese & Tomato soup. Alphabet Soup. (Not really meals:) Spaghettios. Marshmallow Creme/Cream Cheese Fruit dip. Velveeta anything. Spam. !?

WHAT'S THE ONE THING YOU MAKE THAT PEOPLE CONTINUALLY COMPLIMENT YOU ON?  Hotdish. It's an art, baby. And....I'm working on the foodie version(s)!

FAVORITE COCKTAIL/WINE? Wine, wine, wine. Anything except sweet. No can do. The occasional Mojito without too much sugar....bourbon & ginger.

BEST MEAL WHILE TRAVELING?  I could not put my finger on exactly which food but it was definitely many things consumed in Tuscany in fall 2006. Hands down. Okay, VERY close second, Pulpo with paprika and olive oil in Madrid. Oh. Em. Gee.

FAVORITE PIZZA TOPPINGS? Bell peppers, onions, artichokes, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach. Yes. ALL of that.

NIGIRI OR SASHIMI?  I can never flippin' remember but no rice, gol' darnit! (I have to ask Currlyn every time. Sawry!).

DEATH ROW/RAPTURE MEAL? Ok, well as long as we're talking sushi, yeah, death by sushi. And a sexy red. And holy cow, give me some kinda rich dark chocolate heart stopper.

WHO WOULD YOU PICK TO BE IN YOUR CELEBRITY HOT TUB?  Leonardo DiCaprio, Paul Newman, Michael J. Fox, Meryl Streep, Madeline Khan

IF YOU WERE AN HERB OR A SPICE, WHAT KIND WOULD YOU BE?  Ah! That's hard! Okay, well I'm in love with rosemary. Especially because I've used it for my babies when they've had coughs and congestion. But also I love the scent so much and it reminds me of my Grandmas. And fresh basil. So green. So fragrant. So delicious.

WHAT IS THE MOST FAVORITE THING YOU LOVE ABOUT YOUR PARTNER? He keeps it real. I also hate this at times. But in the end, it's just what I need, being a dreamyMcdreamypants and all...he grounds me. And, ironically, he keeps me from getting too serious!!! Nutball. I'm one lucky kid.

ANYTHING ELSE?  I am one crazy-arse mushball. And I believe that magic happens in the kitchen. I feel a palatable connection to my beloveds when I replicate their recipes and any time I share the kitchen and the kitchen with other women, I feel that we form an indescribable bond. It fills my soul in a way nothing else can.

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