Thursday, October 25, 2012

relish: this is how we do.

six women.  chicago.  we get together.  we cook.  we share.  we teach.  we learn. we adventure out.  we stay in.  we feel good.  we may cry.  we laugh our asses off.  we drink wine.  we make a good cocktail.  we may "overshare."  we may "undershare."  we honor our past.  we look forward to the future.  we respect.  we try.  we dress up.  we wear house pants.  we order in when we're tired.  we travel.  we work hard.  we work out.  we are your friends, your mothers, your sisters, your daughters, your lovers, your wives, your girlfriends and general DIY'ers.

oh, and we are ladies...

carolyn, kristen, jackie, sara jean, vanessa and shannon.  this is how we do.

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